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The Map

LayerOne is simply a grid that covers a map of earths surface, creating billions of land tiles. Each tile on the grid is controlled by a unique ERC721 token which can be bought and sold.

The LandRush

To create LayerOne we're having a good old fashined LandRush, anyone can login and claim tiles. All tiles in layerone are free, users only have to pay "minting" fee to the Ethereum network for creating the ERC721 token.

The Why

We're driven by the goal of creating a tenfold increase in the number of people who get value from decentralization. We've built LayerOne to be a powerful onramp to crypto and a welcoming environment for all.

The Team

Kevin Weiler


Lead Blockchain Engineer

Graham McBain


Rasheed Bustamam

React Developer

CJ McGregor

Backend Engineer

Jimmy Hooker

Lead Designer

After the LandRush

A tile owner has full discretion if their tile can be sold or traded. Tile owners will have the right to participate in the formation of a DAO to govern the LayerOne platform and its development.

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